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We create virtual rehabilitation for stroke patients

We, the VR GO team, are working on a locomotor rehabilitation program using VR technologies. Our mission is to make effective rehabilitation affordable.

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About the project

The VR GO project aims to develop a musculoskeletal rehabilitation program using virtual reality technologies. The basis of the technology is the substitution of the real body with a virtual avatar, which shows the brain that it's possible to move paralyzed limbs.

The project is based on the most recent scientific research in neurophysiology and rehabilitation. People with different degrees of mobility will have the opportunity to interact with the program. The most important factor here is that the neck muscles are still mobile.
Our achievements
Finalist of regional tour of The Falling Walls Lab.
The Falling Walls Lab showcases the next generation of top researchers. Talents and thinkers share their projects, business models and initiatives with audience and jury, competing for a monetary prize and a chance to develop their projects.
Our achievements

Where VR GO is used

Rehabilitation after stroke
Therapy of movement deficit as a result of injury of the central nervous system
Wide range of locomotor rehabilitation




Application Prototype
We've developed an application prototype based on the Oculus VR platform. Regular training using the app creates new neural connections in the undamaged parts of the central nervous system. This compensates for the functions of lost cells and nerve fibers. The app prototype is designed to complement both standard hospital rehabilitation systems and self-training at home.
Прототип приложения VR GO

New rehabilitation opportunities

Based on pilot tests, 60% of participants reported positive changes in their condition
Rehabilitation is possible under any condition. The most important factor is that the neck muscles are still mobile
Everyone who has a smartphone from the mid-price segment and an Oculus VR Headset can purchase our app
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