People in Tomsk can test a VR simulator for rehabilitation after injuries

Source: RIA Tomsk

A team of Tomsk specialists has developed an app for VR headsets. This application speeds up the rehabilitation of paralyzed patients, including those who have had spine injuries. People in Tomsk can take part in free program trials, said the founder of the project Nikolay Muraviov,a Tomsk State University (TSU) graduate. 

As reported previously, a Tomsk State University graduate Nikolay Muraviov planned to create an application for VR headsets, capable of simulating the conditions necessary for rehabilitation exercise. The founder got an idea for the project a few years ago, when he suffered a spinal injury and started rehabilitation. 

“We created the ’VR Movement’ project to make modern rehabilitation technologies available to everyone regardless of their the location and income level... We invite you to take part in the free trial of our application with VR headsets in Tomsk between August and October 2019,” said Nikolay Muraviov. He clarified that the trials will take place in Tomsk.
 One session can last between 15 and 30 minutes. 

People with musculoskeletal disorders and phantom-limb pains can participate. You can apply for participation by clicking here.
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